About Us

Get to know us!


Aman Alsharq is an Automotive service provider specializing in Extended Warranty plans, Roadside Assistance, Car Care, and Trading as a value chain, Aman Alsharq was established in 2008 in Egypt, aiming to add value to Automotive Dealers, Importers, and practitioners.

Our Mission

To ensure that auto drivers have peace of mind before they set on a journey.

Our Vision

To ensure auto drivers enjoy their driving experience and be worry-free, giving them peace of mind.

To offer every car driver the opportunity to buy a product from us with an affordable price.

 To provide the best possible consumer experience to car drivers who buy cars from our business associates thus increasing retention of car buyers.

To engage professionally with our customers and resolve any issues they may have on the first call 

To inspire our employees to be the best they can be

Our Values


We believe in excellent teamwork and partnership with our clients and staff.


We treat all matters with a sense of urgency, maintaining accuracy and professionalism.


We strive to deliver professional, high quality and speedy service all the time.


We are transparent in all our dealings and accessible to all.


We understand and comply with regulations and make sure our actions match our words.


We are always updating and upgrading our staff, systems, and processes; and looking for new and innovative ways to better serve our clients.